CPUObserver software

CPUObserver is the main tool with which you can debug software by connecting to the target board using the USB <-> UART interface. CPUObserver supports working with FTDI USB FTDI interface chips - FT232.

CPUObserver allows you to quickly assess the status of system registers.


View current system status and contents of active process state objects.


View the descriptor table state. Delete objects, save their contents in files. Write objects to Flash as files.


Manage processes — launch, temporarily suspend, and completely delete. Run the process in debug mode. Work with the file system. Write objects to Flash under unique names, load objects from Flash into main memory and start processes.


View the contents of objects in the most convenient way to present information.


View objects in PSO format with the display and decoding of all information structures included in the PSO


The main function of CPUObserver is software debugging.


The performance monitor allows you to estimate the number of instructions that are executed on average per cycle with a selected length of the accumulation and averaging interval. If the processor system has more than one core, the performance parameters for each core will be displayed.